Deedie Lane Consulting believes there are three crucial elements to a well-functioning organization:

 1)    CONCISE DEFINITION: What do you get out of bed in the morning for? What is the vision and mission of your organization, and what is the lifeblood that holds it together? Having a defined intention which is agreed across the leadership team and beyond is vital to being able to achieve your goals. Ensuring this purpose is clear, relevant, up-to-date and supported is your foundation for success.

    2)    ROBUST IMPLEMENTATION: So you know where you are going, how do you get there? You need a comprehensive strategic plan. But that’s not enough. Your goals not only need to be written, but lived and enacted through excellent implementation. We can help you ensure you have the right plan, the right capacity, the right capability and the right processes in place to make your goals a reality.

    3)    SUSTAINED CREATIVITY: Of course the most valuable asset of any organization are its people. Connecting them by providing a structured space to learn, share and develop will allow you to harness your company’s creativity. This will enable you to unleash the raw talent that exists in every layer of your organization and so reach your maximum potential.

To support the recognition of these 3 elements we offer:
• Development and refinement of vision, mission and values
• Strategic planning and goal setting
• Project definition and implementation
• Capacity and capability assessment
• Bid management and grant writing
• Action learning sets