Deedie Lane Consulting will work with you as a critical friend, collaborating at every step of the way, yet challenging the obstacles that block your progress. We will take time to fully understand the context of your work and the outcomes you are seeking to achieve. We give candid feedback and will work with you to make you the best you can be. Ultimately, we will be an advocate for your success.

Our model of facilitation is fluid, moving between direction, exploration, delegation and participation as the situation requires. We ensure participants achieve a mutual understanding, that their contributions are considered and that participants take shared responsibility for final outcomes. With a wealth of experience to draw upon, we are able to guide and support your organization to reach the best conclusions to achieve your ambitions.

Our Action Learning Sets are structured to ensure the most productive use of each participant’s time and energy. Our facilitated process fosters learning though presenting, questioning and reviewing on-the-job challenges. These sets represent a supportive leadership practice based on peer reflection. Individuals learn from each other’s experience and understanding. At their best, Action Learning Sets allow for a truly transformational, energizing development experience.